Repaked All Three Bearings on the Rear Wheel of KTM 950 2004


So managed to remove the two spaces in the sprocket support.

For the record the bearing inside the sprocket support is #3206 2RS1 (it is indicated in the parts manual) KTM part#0625 032067 

I called a local supplier in Toronto (Motion Canada- (416) 465-8250 ) They have access to multiple "European" and Asia suppliers, very helpful guys. They had a bunch of them in stock for about $38.00

I didnt have the tool to take the bearing out (It is a big bearing with double rounds of of balls) and when I took its off,l it looked good, no rust, not lose ball, however there less grease in there to pass my test. I didnt replace it I just repacked it. Now that know what is going on in there I can get to the bearing in no time and replace it if need be. Tapping the bearing out means destroying it, so make sure you have the right new bearing in hand before doing so.

Here is a documentation of my work:


this is the outer spacer with the thin steel washer (NILOS RING 7206 AVH KTM part#600.10.016.000) still attached to it. There is another spacer on the other side. These spacers once installed reach each other. They turn with the bearing. You may hear a dry metal sliding on metal sound that is cause by the Nilos Ring sliding on top of the bearing which should be fine. This was the sound that worried at first and made me take take eveything off and repack the bearing.

Nilos Ring easily separated from the spacer.

The inside spacer off sprocket support.

Bearing inside the sprocket support.
#3206 2RS1 
KTM part#0625 032067
This is not a KTM specific bearing. You should be able to order it from local bearing supplier usually much cheaper. Just make sure you get the double sealed (2RS1) version.

The same bearing cleaned up looking from the other side (clutch side). 

It is easier and safer to remove the seal from the inside as shown where it has more give. 

plastic spacer between the balls.

this is the stuff I used. I have had no issue with this grease in the past. I packed the bearing and made sure grease reaches the second set of bearings further in. It looked impossible to remove the seal from the other side with out removing the bearing. I put the seal back on and moved on to the the other bearings.

Here is the other bearing in side the hub. #6205-2RSHC3HMTF
KTM part#:0625 062052
There is an identical bearing on the other side of the hub. I repacked both. It was easy, no need to take them out.

putting spacer and Nilos Ring back together on the sprocket support. I put some grease to stop the sound started this whole job.

The Nilos Ring sits on top of the bearing and the spacer with thiner lip sits on top of it. GENTLY tap the spacer in. Hammering it in will damage the ballbearing (balls will ding their current spot). 

I put the other spacer on the other side of the bearing and used a clap to push both in place. It's a good idea to cool the spacers in freezer a bit. I didn't. The culler nut will pull everything together later too.

And done

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