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Everything you ever wanted to know about tires and wheels is right here in the lil' ol' tyre shoppe. Not really, but there are a lot in the articles linked below. Simply put, this is one of the most talked about subjects during our get togethers. After all, it is called "tire kickin'." Also, one of the most discussed and asked about subjects on the OC.

Tire Sizes Spoked wheel maintenance
Tire Sizes and Options
Care and Maintenance
safety and care Spoked Wheel Building and Truing
Tire Care and Safety
Spoked Wheel Building & Truing (pdf)
Neds tire change Pyndon's new wheels
Neduro's Tire Changing Tutorial
Pyndon's New Woody's
Sidestand Beadbreaker Wheel bearings
Sidestand Bead Breaker (video)
Wheel Bearings

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