Installing SE Springs in an Adventure


Some pics of my SE spring swap, might help. I did this w/ the forks installed in the bike, and did not change or check oil height. That's for when ever the bike is out of service and have time to do that. Maybe next winter???

support bottom of leg, once the caps are off, the front end is going to want to fall forward, Put bike on center stand and put about 50lbs on the rear rack. (large car, truck battery)

Loosen up top triple clamp around forks.

Turn black rebound screws and compression adjustment counterclockwise all the way out.

Use tool to remove caps.

Jack forks all the way up to to expose spring caps.

I made a thin wrench at work to fit in, 22mm. Check bike shops though, I heard they can be had for cheap there.

I could do this part by myself, but having extra hands is a big plus. One set to help pull the spring down and one to put the cap on and tighten down. Don't walk away to far as the center tube is going to drop down slowly to the bottom. So, have everything handy. If it does drop down in.......get a large magnet on a stick and pull it slowly back to the top. Don't ask how I know.

Hold wrench, loosen caps w/ cap tool.

Difference in length from SE to stock 06 "S" springs. SE are shorter.

I made some spacers to fill the extra space and reinstalled.

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