Improving F.I. Throttle Response


Photos: jouster

Remove the six phillips screws and remove the glove box

Remove the fuse box cover, fuse box bolts (2), and let the fuse box slip free out the bottom.

This screw can be hard to get to, so you may want to loosen the rear fuel tank mounting bolt for better access.

Remove the hoses from the, SLS intake (rear), and crankcase breather. Then remove the connection to the airbox pressure sensor (yellow arrows). You can now loosen the eight (8) screws (white arrows) holding the airbox cover on. Note: the screws stay with the cover.

These are the butterfly valves that you will be removing (2 screws each).

Close_up view

Then remove the horns with a 1/4 turn CCW

This is what it looks like with the air filter removed, but you don't need to remove the filter for this task.

Now just remove the two screws from each butterfly and remove them. The screwdriver from the bike's own tool kit fits the screws perfectly.

This is what it looks like without the butterflys. You can leave the shafts (yellow arrows) as they are necessary for the linkage to work properly and hurt nothing.

Now replace the a/c, horns, cover, and all of the hoses in reverse order, and you are ready to go.

I really cannot see why the factory installs all this mechanism when the net result is a poorly responding engine.


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