K&N Pre-filter for the Adventure


After spending hours making dummy filters, trying them in various voids, adjusting their shape and size, I came up with this and turned to K&N to source it. It's very unusual to normal K&N's in that the thickness is huge giving the surface area of a filter twice its size, perfect for dusty, hard core conditions.

And.............a nice little precharger skin to fit it like a pair of tights!!

The machining began.....curtesy of Pyn dad

The base.....

The top......

Base with posts, fitted to snorkel (after a little modification or ten )

Filter slides over posts, post prevent filter moving around...

And a picture with the lid on. If your wondering why the fit is so tight / perfect in the space available, I made a cardboard / plastic dummy beforehand in the modelling stage, so it was always going to fit

Side view with tank off.... you'll notive I had to relocate the CDI unit about 1" lower to make use of wated space and allow the maximum depth filter to be fitted. Also, you will see that the actual water access level / submersible level is exactly the same as with the stock snokel.

Obviously the base of the glove compartment has been cut away to made maximum space. It was also trimmed around the filter to reduce the 'shrouding' effect and allow airflow to access all around the filter. Precharger now fitted also, which you can just pull off from above when it starts to get blocked.

I thought about removing the breather and fitting a filter, but to be honest I like the fact that it just sends any heavy breathing through the motor and out of the exhaust, keeps everything clean.

When the lid is shut on the glove compartment their is about 1/4" between filter and lid.

And it passes the road test, even with the charger sleeve on. Runs sweet!

What can I say about my pre-filter setup other than....it's perfect!

Over 3000miles of, well, off-road riding in lots of sand and dust and I just checked the stock paper filter - spotless, infact it is just like new, amazing. All I did was remove the K&N half way through my trip and bashed it out on the floor. Not because it was blocked, just because I could and I was keen to see how it was performing.

Bike never ran rich (sign of a blocked filter) and it did it's job. This is probablt one of the best mods I have done to my bike 10/10.

Dry filters are the way to go for sure. No more oiled foam filters for me. No carrying spares either. The filter charger helps too, the larger particles simply hit it and bounce off.

So, in order of particulant filtration:

1) Dry Filter Charger Cover
2) Dry Large Area K&N Filter
3) Stock KTM Paper Filter

Really happy with it. Here's a few pictures.

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