Need extra space for spares/tools on the 950?


Not wanting to fill up my luggage with tools and spares, I have been looking to fit all spares and tools on the bike. Things like spare tubes in the front fairing, air compressor without housing etc...

When a new cpmputer was delivered to the office with some very nice closed cell foam, I finally had what I needed to use that spare 20mm space under the seat.

In my case I have managed to fit 8/10/12/14mm spanners, original pliers, folding 'T' handle ratchet screwdriver, pocket knife & a pair of 32/22mm combination tire lever/spanners...

When the seat is fitted, it sits flat and secure across the top and holds everything in place, even on my frequent plants in the dirt nothing has moved.

TIP: Used close cell foam as it will absorb less water when it rains or when washing the bike. The MK1 was open cell foam and a pain in the ass to dry out each time.

In the original tool box I can now fit the balance of the original toolkit, binding wire, several 0.5ml capsules of loctite, mini WD40 can & refillable can of chain lube**, 12v compressor sans housing and gauge, tire repair kit, epoxy putty, selection of nuts, screws, washers, fuses etc, tire gauge, electrical wire, duct & insulating tapes, needle nose locking pliers, spare s/plug, cable ties and other stuff that I can't remember...

I have also got three, 3 way 'Y' handled sockets with 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,17,19 tied to the frame behind the airbox where the excess plumbing used to live, I figure I should not need these often so they are tied with wire to keep them secure (I figure cable ties would probably melt from exhaust heat.

Anyone found any other useful places on the 950 to hide stuff?

**I made up two robust caps from Delrin (hard plastic) off cuts as I had already had one can empty itself into the toolbox after the original cap collapsed, these can be seen as the 2 white round things at forefront of picture

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