Underseat Kit


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This is the kit I carry with me all of the time. I haven't had a need for anything else, but I haven't had any mechanical failures either. There's only so much you can do on the trail or alongside the road anyway. When traveling around the World, I have a lot more in the way of spares just to provide a bit of security in case of unforeseen circumstance in Timbuktu or along the Road of Bones. For those types of travel, I pack:

This doesn't take up much room, and will get me back on the road and not spoil my vacation. Of course, before a trip like that, I replace any of the "wear" parts and make sure that I go over the bike carefully to be sure it is in top shape.

For any extended off road trip, I also carry a spare "new" 21" tube in the front fairing side panel. Also, when ever I have the panniers, I have a bead breaker along.

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