Removing the #@&*! Tank Balance tube


Anybody else had problems with that stupid crossover tube that KTM is putting on that vents the tanks to each other? Last night I had to replace those damn grommets. It seems they don't like gas. All swelled up and then split. I had fuel going everywhere. Oh the Prefilter just soaks that up. Runs like crap until it dries out. I found some replacments at Home Depot. They where SAE so I had to run a metric tap thru them to use the existing nipple. I don't think they are gas friendly either.

Since I have the Flapendectomy done, my next mission is to find some Gas Friendly plugs to install in those holes, without the hose.Here's the culprit. The holes & crossover tube that KTM was nice enough to bless my bike with. The plug tapped its own threads into about a 5/8" existing hole that was drilled into the tank for the TSB. The rubber grommet that is failling is a larger version of the rubber expansion plugs for the windscreen mounts. They use a brass threaded nipple that tightens causing the expansion plug to seal. This is the type plug they are using:

I tried replacing with an SAE one from Home Depot, then tapping it. It physically worked. However the fuel attacked it the same way rather quickly. That is when I decided to just eliminate the problem.

As you can see the nipples degenerated due to fuel.

The Repair supplies:

I made use of a tire repair tool to rough up the tank surface and remove the paint.

The 1/4"NPT plugs installed. I left about 2 threads outside for the J-B Weld to grip onto.

JB-Weld after mixing. I was a little impatient and didn't wait for it to thicken. Oops.

The finished product.

I'm letting it harden overnight before filling up tomorrow. I did see gas tank repair and other epoxys however, I was sure that J-B Weld could withstand the heat under there. I'll let you all know how well it holds up over time.

The best thing to me is keep your KTM mechanic from doing this mod. Do the the flapendectomy instead. I know this may be difficult. The mechanic at my KTM is minumally knowledgable about Adventures.

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