Replacing the 990 Adventure Fuel Filters


I thought I would throw in a few pics of the fuel pump and the filters for anyone interested. I changed the filter and the screen and I would defiantly do both when you do it.

Fuel pump at the bottom of the left side tank…

The silver tabs hold the white plastic that houses the paper filter, pry the tabs up and pull the plastic housing off.

There are a couple little tabs that hold the paper filter housing together, pry it apart and you can get at the paper filter.

Looks nasty for only 8000 miles.

The screen filter.

Had to take a picture of the wiring so I didn’t get it mixed up.

All the pieces.

Important note: MAKE SURE THE SILVER TABS LOCK INTO POSITION.. Just dont assume that when you hear it click together, visually look at both sides and make sure they are flush with the sides and locked down.

When putting the fuel pump back in I used some of this to lube the hole in the tank so the pump would slide in nice, it took an even pressure and it dropped right in.

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