Meoni Bike Mods



For STREET use simply install the larger oil jet (.40/.50mm). This recall was put out for all pre September 2003 models. All bikes built after 2004 do not need this mod since it was already installed at the factory.

For OFFROAD use, in particular Desert Racing, there are quite a few things to do. First of all the .40mm oil jet is not big enough, minimum size should be 1mm, this will help proper lubrication.

The aluminum clutch basket has some 3.5mm lubrication holes in-between the splines. These need to be enlarged to 4mm and more 4mm holes need to be drilled out in the groove between every other spline.

The clutch push rod, which goes down the exact center of the clutch pack, is a small tube. This tube needs to have a hole drilled into the side, NOT all the way through, but only into the middle, so that once the rod is inserted into the clutch basket the hole is just on the outside of the basket and helps promote oil flow.


By installing a larger fluid reservoir (like the one made by on the clutch lever assembly, you will increase the volume of fluid available and avoid overheating the fluid. Make sure you use only Mineral Oil and not brake fluid.

The response of the clutch will not change (stiffness/modularity). If you have noticed an issue with too much play in the clutch engagement under hard acceleration this will solve the problem.


After 5000K adjust the valves, and then simply follow the owner’s manual.


Drill a 2mm hole into the top of the black 90 degree elbows where the fuel vent lines are connected. This helps avoid flooding the bike in case of a crash. For desert racing, it’s better to run the vent lines up under the steering stem and fitted with a small filter.

Inside the carb is a small plastic clip that holds the needle seated. It’s a good idea to safety wire this clip to the upper plate for safety. This is done because on the earlier models, I’m talking about the first 10 bikes produced, the clip would fall off due to the vibrations and jam the carb. From July 03 on this problem has been solved.


You can mount another radiator fan in parallel on the right side of the radiator; you can use the model off an LC4. Loose the plastic rad guard and use a metal one for better flow.


You can mount an oil cooler under the headlight, you can use one off a Citroen 2CV or a Citroen Dyane (Types of car made by Citroen in Europe) or even a Touratech model. To connect the oil cooler take the return tube that goes to the oil reservoir from under the coolant radiator and connect it to the oil cooler, then connect the outgoing oil cooler hose to the oil reservoir where the original hose was going to go.


To keep the brake fluid from foaming and causing a dead pedal you can use a brake fluid resistant sponge in the rear brake reservoir. Make sure you use, both in front and in rear, Motul RBF 600 DOT 4.0 or Motul DOT5.1

NEVER use the red DOT 5.0, this will corrode all you seals, and yes it does this to BMWs too, not just KTMs!


Change the oil after the first 2000K, make sure you use olive oil, just kidding, just seeing if you are paying attention. Use WP SAE W5 as the manual says; make sure you adhere to the recommended air volume/oil height level. This first change is important because it gets rid of the break-in particles.


Make sure you go to a professional that lnows how to work on PDS because he will need the hyrdaulic purge pump for the job.


An End User's Take on the Clutch Mod

By: cmwoodys

I did the clutch basket mod last week and found my factory holes to be 3mm, not 3.5mm I drilled out to 3.5 and added sets of 3 holes. 4mm would leave very little meat between flanges. Already a delecate job keeping the bit from graving a flange. Also the directions, every other slot, doesn't work out since its an even number between existing holes. The center 2 slots I had to choose from, I went with the one that was thicker aluminum. Notice in the picture that the new holes to the left are not located directly above the bolt relief. Thats how to do it. Next slot over is also 'center' but drilling it would cause a greater chance of causing a structural problem. Highly recommend for anyone attampting this to do it on a press and punch/predrill centers.

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