Emissions Equipment

Emmisions equipment

In this section we will attempt to provide information on the many variants of the emission systems. We will explain how they function and why they malfunction in the offroad environment that these decendants of the great Desert Rallye racers spend much of their time. Some articles from members are provided to illustrate how to modify them for offroad use.

canisterectomy sas/epc removal

LC8 Emissions Equipment Reference

A detailed guide to the various emissions systems used over the years on the big Katoom. Read this first to determine what your bike has.

950 EPC/SAS Removal

Pete's step-by-step article on how to remove the Electronic Power Control (EPC) and Supplimental Air Supply (SAS). For Ninefiddy's only (not 990).

950 canisterectomy 990 adventure canisterectomy and sasectomy

950 Canisterectomy and SAS Removal

Groomez's photo rich how-to for the 950 Adventure.

990 Canisterectomy and SAS Removal

Katoom119 came through with a well photo documented guide for the 990 Adventure.

950 SMR Canisterectomy canisterectomy lite

950 SMR/SE Canisterectomy & SAS

A link to Garry's excellent guide for 950 SM. (Note: With the exception of the added carb vent lines on the Super Enduro, these instructions may be used for the SE).

Canisterectomy Lite

If you are too stuborn or lazy to do a full Canisterectomy, then furndog's "lite" trick may get you going again so you can make it home.

Alternate Tank Vents 990 Resistor Mod

Alternate Tank Vents

Playa Shark's image rich article on an alternative method of venting the ADV's fuel tanks.

990 Resister Mod

fasteddy760 shows us how keep the F.I. warning light from staying on when the canister and SAS are removed.



Follow this step-by-step pictorial guide to perform this delicate procedure (JK)


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