DIY: 990 ABS Removal


KOTH: Note that AFAWK this procedure will NOT work on the 2009 and newer bikes.

First, thanks to inmate DSM8 for actually being the one to figure all this out. He gets the credit, I simply put it into pictures.

Tools needed:
6mm socket
8mm socket
10mm socket
14mm socket
wire cutters

Parts needed:
62514068100 Speedo sensor
60013072000 Rear brake hose for S model
60113012000 Front brake hose for S model
60014070100 Instrument cover for S model
0084040083 x2 Screws for speedo sensor

My main reason for doing this was I wanted to get rid of the ABS unit and by using the longer lines it'll allow me to easily raise the suspension. It's pretty straight forward as long as you're comfortable disassembling half the motorcycle.

First steps are to remove the glove box, right tank, and headlight assembly. I'm assuming that everyone knows how to do this, if not there are a few other write-ups that discuss it. Now let's get to know the parts...

This is the ABS wiring harness that connects to the ABS pump. The ABS wiring harness only connects into the main harness in one area, here.

The white plug under the seat. Everything else that connects will either be removed or replaced.

Now, from the ABS pump the harness runs down the right side of the bike...

Up the frame rail and under the head tube...

And also down under the engine to two 40 amp fuses.

Now that you know where everything is headed, lets go to the top of the bike. Remove the five 8mm bolts that hold the instruments on...

Pull the instruments out. There are now three 8mm bolts that hold the plastic cover on that are hidden by the instruments. Remove these and the cover can be removed. Now using the wires that run off the ABS switch as a reference...

Trace it back and find where everything connects. It'll be a black plug with several other wires. The black plug runs to the front ABS sensor and the rest runs back to the harness that we found earlier.

Unplug the black plug and the white plug, the speedo sensor you ordered will plug in here. To remove these, I actually had to cut the plugs off to get them under the head tube. No big deal, leave some extra wire on both sides so you can reconnect them in the future if you so choose. The other side of the black plug runs under the triple clamps down to the front ABS sensor.

The fuses under the engine just pull off a little clip and then the rest of the harness will just pull out. After that's out you've done the hard part. The rest is pretty simple. Just drain all the brake fluid from the brakes. I took a hose, hooked it up to the bleeders, and then used the levers to just pump the fluid out. Then take a 14mm socket, pull all the brake bolts, and then remove the lines. After this, take the brake lines you ordered and install them using the copper washers from the original brake lines.

The instrument cover needs to have the 2 metal clips on the side transferred over along with the 5 rubber grommets. This will get rid of the ABS switch by using the S instrument cover and will give a nice clean look.

The speedo sensor screws into the inside of the left fork leg and plugs into the white plug that we unplugged earlier behind the headlight.

Remove the front ABS ring on the hub because it will hit the new speedo sensor.

After this everything just bolts back up the way you took it out. Nothing hard, just time consuming.

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