Auxillary Fuel Cell for the Super Enduro

By: Steverino

In my quest to make the SE MY adventure touring bike, I am seeking to increase its range. A while back a fellow Advrider gave me a Summit Racing 5 gallon plastic fuel cell. The purpose of this thread is to chronicle my quest as I figure out a way to attach to the bike and plumb into the tank.

Here it is sitting on the CJRacer rack after I mounted the rack and the bags.

Another member here sent me some slick as PDF's of how he created a set of mounts for the same tank. I took them to my local machine shop and they ordered the stock needed and are in the process of fabricating them. So it is off to the next issue. Plumbing to the SE.

My thought was to tap into the crossover between the two tanks with a T fitting and putting a quick disconnect so that the tank can be easily removed. I am off to the garage to try that now will be back to report on my success or failure and any issues I may encounter.


Stay tuned for more details....

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