Frame Mounted Sidestand


I think we ( OC ) have seen at least a couple of instances of broken cases due to impacts to the OEM case mounted side stands.
There isn't much difference in weight between the stock stand and the ProMoto Billet frame mounted stand.

I fitted it up to my 990 Adventure and it looks like it would work. It might not work on those bikes with the 2 into 1 and left side extra tank. It's the '05 '06 KTM Kickstand. ProMoto Webpage

I've been looking at this beauty at my local moto shop for a few weeks
and wondering if I could make it fit my SE.

It's designed for the 450/525's but looked like a promising starting point for replacing the stock, problematic, sidestand .
Once I got it home and looked at it up close to the bike, it was clear, this was going to be a very nice upgrade.

The top bracket mounting hole lined up perfectly with the SE's lower
subframe mounting point and when tightened was lined up beautifully.
I made up a lower mounting bracket out of 3/8" steel plate.

A guy could weld the bracket to the frame but I don't have a welder, so I bolted it on. Seems to be very solid. The swingarm clearences are good and the stand hits the floor about 7 inches to the rear of the stock stand. I can't see any problem with this location. The bike is stable while on the stand, works for me

Maybe you have already noticed that there is no exposed return spring,
the folks at Pro Moto Billet have been thinking outside of the box on this one. Trick ! There is ample space for your heel ( Sidi Discovery )
to activate the stand. With the nicely designed spring system you only have to move your heel a few inches (25-50mm.) for the stand to deploy. Even standing on the pegs you can easily put the stand down.

It took a few hours this afternoon to do the install. Easy, you can do it,
get cracking.

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