Do it All Super Enduro

By: DrBigMinde

My normal set up. 2.5 L of extra juice in the tail Touratech bag. I can fit 2 2.5L jerry cans of fuel in this TT bag, its expandable.

+ Hyde screen. I didn't liked this thing in the beginning, but now I got used to it and the look of it and i love it now. It makes SE @ 160-190km/h a Gold Wing - no buffeting,but bit more noise, nobody trying to extend you wrists anymore. But it still feels naked bike. Thanks to LiveInTheOudoors it was his screen. I still can see his fingerprints on it

The commuter

45 L box from MotoDetail which is Shad product. Its narrow, its rainproof and it is lockable

The rear plate. Its a TT rear rack for SE (very nice quality) + Shad/MotoDetail adaptor plate fitted on top of it. Now its even better for strapping roll packs.

And here we come to my hard enduro-expedition SE

When its getting hot I like to stay as light as possible. Roll pack from is perfect for me. Its light, 55L, water/dust proof, durable material - nothing to brake when falling, cheap to replace it, and its ORANGE.

It doesn't help when dropping or lifting the bike - off it goes

say cheeeeeese

The mirrors. I found these smaller mirrors and extra mirror clamps @ Put some teflon tape under it to prevent scraping handlebar while having possibility to turn/rotate when falling.

of course, it wouldn't be so fun in off road if not the LiveInTheOutDoors "kevlar/carbon/andSomethingMore/toughestThingIeverTasted" BASHPLATE. Thanks mate one more time, LITO.

And now we go for a long road

I like soft water proof luggage. When its not full it is smaller, so you don't have to cary air for free. Its the lightest empty weight. You don't need any rack system which is extra weight and makes luggage sticking outside my handlebars even more than now. You can position the luggage as low and as far to the center as you like (as long as its not getting in your way while standing!). 25L each by Ortlieb

Its cheap and very tough. The only thing I can recommend is to remove all inner plastics which keeps the shape. In case you go down (and you will) it will cut the side of the bag on the impact.
KTM Adv. tank bag is not shown here, which is also useful 20L bag.

Now the exhaust pipes.
If you don't change them to anything aftermarket cat-free, forget about any touring modifications. It was the first thing I've got rid of, yeah, after I burned my first set of nice textile side bags and rear plastics on these OIM nuclear exhaust pipes.

I had to reshape this one with a grinder a little bit.

WINGS NOS. I love them. The look, the sound, the quality, the price and they stay cool ( you can hold your hand on it as long as you want without any risk to getting burn). When with the OIM pipes I had 2 nasty burns on my arms and 1 on the shoulder + 3 of my friends got a hot kiss from this beauty.

ZUMO. It goes everywhere with me. I'm using SW-Motech risers to get better mounting place for GPS RAM.

Heated grip switch

Scotoiler set up

I heard bigger fuel tanks 25-30L are coming from Aqualine next year. That is a good news.

I'm so glad I turn away from LC4Adventure, I wouldn't be happy with LC8Adventure as well.
I found my perfect bike and its proving every day.
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