Bash Plate for The Super Enduro


I had an enduro to enter - my first one! Very excited, and realizing that I had no bashplate for myself that would provide adequate protection, I used scraps and leftovers to make the following bashplate in a real hurry. Wasn't half as thick, wasn't half as strong.

This is the final result

A bit closer in

I made a dodgy bracket which I bent by hand and one gclamp. Wasn't so easy (all tools/facilities packed away due to house being repainted)

Other side view, rough and ready

I then made this heat shield to protect my leg being scorched by the y-pipe join. I am amazed its held. Only two layer eglass, high temp resin, no problem. Oh yes, the problem is that the heat now comes out a bit on the left side!

I don't know if you have ever felt your shock gas canister, but it gets skeeery hot during a ride. I made this simple protection to offer some shielding from the exhaust

What it looks like on the right side of the bike

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