Stock Screen Cut-down


Apply some masking tape to the area as shown, then mark 8.5 inches centered from the top of the light to the top of the cut off and 6.25 inches wide across the top of the cut. Use a sharp fine tooth blade and sand the edges smooth with fine paper when done. Polish edge if you like.

The key is then to follow the line of the side panels:

OK here goes: So I started with three big holes in the base of the screen, following conventional wisdom. And that didn't work at all. So after doing a bit of experimenting I realized that the bad turbulence is coming off the sides of the windscreen. So I decided to try and disrupt that air flow by drilling some smaller holes on the sides. I'm 5'10". I normally ride w/ a motocross helmet and goggles. The new windscreen puts you in the air, but it's nice clean air that does not fatigue the rider on longer trips, but is high enough to keep the wind pressure off the chest. I'd say the air flow hits me on the nose at 70MPH.

Like this:

and this:

Of course this did nothing to improve the air flow so in a desperate effort to save my already poor hearing I decided to chop then screen. The problem was that I did not like the traditional chopped look. It's too flat and round for my taste.

This just looks ugly to me:

So I took the windscreen off made a cardboard duplicate and started trimming that to get a size/style/cut I liked. My goal was to try and maintain the sharp edgy look of the original screen.

Once I finally found a style i liked I used the cardboard template to trace a shape on the OEM windscreen. I then used a fine cut blade on a Jig saw and cut down the screen. I then cleaned up the edges w/ a razor blade and sanded them down with various grits of paper. My stock windscreen was already scratched up so I decided to paint the whole thing. To do so i sanded the whole windscreen w/ some fine paper to rough it up and promote paint adhesion. After that I used Krylon Fusion spray paint (primer less plastic paint) and painted both sides black. I later went back and added the white numberplate to make it look a bit racier. I think the key thing is that after cutting about 3" off the top, I trimmed the sides in a bit. If you look closely you can see where I cut in about 1" following the line of the bodywork, then went up almost vertical.

Hope this helps, Dan aka YP


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