Cee Bailey Windscreen


In the Spring of 2005 I participated in field testing for Cee Bailey's KTM 950 Adventure windscreen development program. This photo was taken at CB's and is a comparison of the first prototype v1.0 with the OEM screen. Notice that the CB screen is just slightly taller, but it is quite a bit wider than the smoke colored OEM. This extra width resulted in a noticeable reduction in helmet buffeting over the OEM (which is quite severe for many folks, me included).

This is a photo of the same 13" tall screen as the previous photo. As is obvious from this image, it is much less conspicuous than the OEM.

Same screen from the side. Notice the slick headlight protector that the engineers made for me from the scraps.

Here is a comparison of the next version v1.1 with the OEM. It is gigantic compared to the OEM. I didn't find it protected much better than the short one v1.0. Helmet buffeting was actually a little worse, but still better than OEM.

Yup. Its big alright.

Lots of bugs died in the testing of these products. The horror ... the horror.

Still, its pretty unobtrusive due to being clear.

Side view of the v1.1. Notice that it has a lot more "turn back" than v1.0. This may be why buffeting increased.

This is another version v1.05. It is half way between v1.0 and v1.1. The operational results were about midway between the two, also.

Side view of v1.05. Not as severe a back turn as v1.2.

After a couple of years and many, many miles of using the Cee Bailey screens (there were several more versions that I don't show here), I've settled on the very first one I tested for them. v1.0. It stopped the buffeting that the OEM screen exhibited so badly without being obtrusive. It is only about an inch taller, but is really much less obtrusive due to its clear color. While riding the bike, it disappears and gives the visual impression of no screen at all. Weather and wind protection are much improved. The later versions I tested were all worse than this first one.

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