19/17 Setup Review


Well I finally got to test ride my new 19/17 setup and all I can say is WOW!

I ran a 380 mile test loop on some of Colorado's best roads.

My goal for this set up is to have a pure street kit, so I can swap between my dirt wheels (21/18 - D606/D908), which I run most of the time; and a pure street set-up (19/17 - Conti Trail Attack F & R) for the occasional road blast and for winter riding/commuting when the hills are snowed in.

I love the way the bike handles. The 950 in standard form is great and handles well, but the 19/17 really transform the bike. There is a reason why all the street oriented DS bikes use this set up: it simply works!

The stability and hook up in the corners reminds me of my old Kawasaki ZX-6. I spooned on a set of the new Conti Trail Attack and could not be happier. I used to be a big fan of Anakees when I had my GS, by I must say I think these are better, certainly stickier. How well they hold up and how long they wear is yet to be seen, but in the traction department they are certainly better.

I went with silver rims because I spoon on my own tires and don't want to be bothered by having to be careful not to scuff up fancy color anodized rims. Second because I got a good deal on a used rear rim from Woody's Wheel Works where I had the wheels built. I got a good deal on line on a used OEM wheel set and just had it re-sized and super laced by Woody. Of course I went with tubes, cause everyone knows that tubeless on regular spoked wheels is experimental and only good for short intervals.

I actually like the 19/17 set-up better than the 17/17 I had on my supermoto, it's less nervous and twitchy. I do not have a steering damper, but the bike is very stable at all speeds, to include top speed runs and hard decelerations and accelerations. In the corners the extra meat up front really lets you drive the bike through the corners like it's on rails.

For gearing I decided to run 17T-42T for the 19/17 set-up & 17T-45T for the dirt wheels, This allows me to keep a 17T up front which is more chain wear friendly and drop down to a 16T-45T for some extreme dirt and single track; all without having to change the chain.

I got to make a couple of runs up and down Independence Pass without any cars in sight. This was the last day the pass was open for the season. What a blast this road is:

Well, I just can't take the shit eating grin off my face. The 19/17 set-up on the 950 is that much fun.

Later Dan

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