Converting 2005 Standard to "S" Suspension

By:Robin Webster

Right, got the bits today, £106 UK including the postage, just need someone to do the job!!

Hydrostop 48600241S1 x2
Inner tube 48600226 x2
For the rear:
50180288 stop 10mm x1


My 05.5 forks and shock are off to MH Racing in the morning to be streched to "S" spec.

Thanks to James at Superplush and KTM Twins for the rear shock spring spacer.

$90 plus $34.75 shipping. It said on the box it was a gift so no TAX in the UK. Mind that might be as it didn't reach a value threshold?

About £62 all in in the UK.

Going up in the world!

Right, had mine done to 05 "S" spec.

If you look at my previous post you see the fork are about 2" longer (50mm)

Put back together it looks like this. Note I've not got new stands yet and the wheels touch the floor. Real easy to get it on the stand though! Perhaps those that moan about that should do this. When I do get new stands I'll get a larger foot welded on the side stand so it does not sink in the mud anymore.

Not the cheepest thing I've done!

KTM parts around £110

Superplush rear spring spacer £64

MH Racing's work (service, oil, seals, mid revalve and 5.2 springs) £365.88

Goodridge brake hoses £46.30

Don't tell the wife!!


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