Scotts Steering Stabilizer


Got a nice little white box delivered!!!

There is the gold contents!

This puppy is going in here!!!

Pull the bars down so I can slide the stabilizer in place.

Greese the pin and set the strike range to make sure no binding takes place.

Small problem as the adjuster star is right against the bars once they are mounted back on. So, looking at my old dampler on the XR400, it has the small single point arrow adjuster on it, so I swop them.

Now my bike is just that much closer to perfection!!!

Most of you already know that a steering stabilizer or dampener is one of the first additions highly recommended for off-road riding. With the big KTM 950ADV weighing in at 447lbs, that’s a whole’ latta weight to keep going straight in any sand wash! Can’t imagine flip-floppin’ hip-hopping through some woops with this big of a bike without a steering stabilizer!

Two reasons why I chose the Scotts Steering Stabilizer:
I think it's real simple for the fact why I went with the Scotts Stabilizer. I already have one on my XR400 and LOVE IT!!! It's the only way to go for a dirt bike in the desert!

TWO: The Scotts Stabilizer has the exclusive special feature of a High Speed Valve that is designed to help absorb the large and rather unexpected hits. Hits to the front wheel that would otherwise potentially knock you silly and or rip bars from your hands while the bike takes to the bushes and you fly overhead for a better view. The High Speed Valve operates, I don’t want to say independently from the “variable” Base Control Valve, but while you can adjust the Base Control Valve on the fly for various conditions, mentally pre-judging the riding conditions and making adjustments, the High Speed Valve is like the safety backup for the unexpected.

But to get this Scotts Steering Stabilizer to actually function on the bike it has to actually mount to something. It’s like anything and everything on bike, you change something here and you have to change it over there, so on and so on. It’s never just one simple thing, hence the strong relationship between Scotts and BRP, maker of various mounts for the Scotts Steering Stabilizer, adapting this awesome technology to a wide range of bikes. BRP also has a solution for my dilemma of wanting to raise my bars higher. I guess the BRP relationship with KTM and prototyping efforts for their Dakar and off-road efforts, works to our benefits as these items are readily available!

My Scotts Steering Stabilizer was purchased from BRP.

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