GPR Steering Damper


GPR V2 Pro steering stabilizer and top T-clamp. My son Rick won this at the 2005 BabyButt Rally.


This is a high quality piece of equipment that adds an extra measure of stability and safety to the Big KTM 950. It has both high and low speed damping circuits built-in and controlled with a single large knob. This comes in handy when the action gets hectic. Even at low settings, the high speed circuit dampens sharp jolts very effectively. Dual action damping is necessary because bumps come from both directions (jolting the bars away from center as well as toward center. The effects are most noticable in the dirt, especially at high speed in ruts and rocky terrain. The result is a much more relaxed ride and a noticable decrease in wear and tear on the upper body. Arm pump is back to a managable level. The rougher the course, the more noticeable the improvement.

When properly setup and adjusted, you don't feel any difference in the way the bike handles or the handlebars move. It isn't 'til you hit a hidden rock, rut, tree root, etc. that the damper does its stuff. The sharp jolts that previously would have ripped the bars out of your grip are barely felt. The bike just tracks straight 'til you want it to turn, then it reacts normally to your steering inputs.

I've used Scotts dampers with the high speed adjustment and found that once I found the right setting, I just left it there. The GPR high speed circuit seems to be right on as is. No matter where the knob is set, the sharp jolts are dampened perfectly.

The single knob adjusts the slow speed damping, IOW the amount of resistance that it takes to move the bars off center. This can be helpful in long sections of deep sand or powder. Generally, I leave mine set at "3" which has little to no slow speed damping. A useful feature of the GPR is that the adjustment knob can be turned continuously in either direction without damage.


The new handlebar mount adds ~3/4 inch of rise. The height is perfect for me standing or sitting. Very comfortable in combination with the 1/2 inch lower PowerPegz.


Installation was a breeze. No modifications were required. The V2 comes with a high quality DH1 Racing Products top triple clamp. It is CNC machined from 6061 T6 aircraft quality aluminum.


A handsome addition to any bike, but especially fine on a subtle beast like the '04 Silver model. Comfort, stability, and safety is the reason to install a damper; good looks are a bonus. Disclaimer: The information contained on this page and on this site is condensed from the combined wisdom of the members and contributors of the Orange Crush Forum. The contributions are reprinted here exactly as posted by the contributors. The spelling, syntax, grammar, etc have purposely not been corrected in order to retain its original flavor. The contributors are from throughout the World, and English may very well not be their native language. Don't be an ass and complain about the lexicon. It is mostly subjective, with a little objectivity thrown in for seasoning, based on the experiences of the contributors. Use this info at your own risk. The site owner is not responsible for its accuracy or validity. None of the procedures described should be taken as recommendations by anyone. Take anything you read or hear anywhere, but especially on the World Wide Web with a very large dose of salt. The cognoscente is a skeptic.