Soft Bags that work great



Hey guys, I've found so much useful information on this forum that I wanted to post something that could help someone else. I see a lot of talk about side bag systems, and this is a soft bag system that works for me. I've taken these on various long trips and work flawlessly. These even come with rain covers! The bad news is that there is some things to purchase and some very simple modifications to make. So before I go into details here are the pics to see if you like the idea.

GIVI T421 Voyager Bags (expandable)

The bags are held in place by a Buckle and Slider system that needs to be purchased and pieced together. Each Buckle is capable of holding an engine block and are designed for climbing/backpacking and other outdoor activities. I purchased mine at REI for about $1.50 per pair (2 complete buckles). You'll need 6 Buckles total. The other pieces are Sliders (you'll need 10 to 18). I purchased them at REI as well and paid about $1.00 for a pack of 4. The last and final piece is 1" nylon webbing. I can't give you a cost estimate on the webbing because I had it on hand and don't remember.

This is what the end result looks like.


Everything is quick release and easily removed.

Buckle mounted on frame, put duct tape or similar around the frame to protect the webbing from wear. I used 100MPH tape (Military)

OK. So, you will need 10 to 18 buckle depending on your availability to a sewing machine that's capable of sewing through doubled up nylon webbing. DO NOT DO THIS on a regular sewing machine! The machine costs about $1000 and is of industrial quality. I was able to sew my seams because of a close friend of mine who fabricates climbing and tactical gear.

If you can't sew, then use Sliders wear. You can see I've sewn. As a rule of thumb, when using sliders always double back (use the picture of the rear of the bag as a reference). At the bottom of the left vertical buckle is a Slider. The webbing is doubled back over the Slider, the one on the right has come undone and is no longer doubled back. Doubling back will require more material (webbing).

The GIVI T421 Bags as I've used have 2 D-Rings sewn in the bottom and lower sides. These are very strong from GIVI and used as securing points for the Buckle system. You will run 1 Buckle from side to side D-ring and 2 vertical Buckles, 1 attached to the frame and the other side to the bottom D-ring on the bag. Make the male Buckles adjustable downward and to the rear (away from the exhaust). The top of the bag is secured by using the factory Buckles across the front of the bag (2). Loop the Buckles around the top of the luggage frame and then down the front of the bag to the other half of the Buckle, then tighten with the pull straps.

I know this may sound complicated but it is actually really easy. If you have questions just post. I check every other day or so. Hope this was worth the trouble for some of you...........Thanks for all YOUR help in the past and future.

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