The PowerPegz as they arrived. Full and detailed instructions are included. Follow them.
Blurb from the PowerPegz website:

"Powerpegz are rotating performance footpegs designed to enhance control and comfort for riders of off-road motorcycles. By rotating the footpeg body 20º forward and backward the rider enjoys a more natural motion and gains greater stability, comfort and control on all riding terrains."

Removing the cotter pin.

The brake lever needs to be removed for access to the right side.

OEM parts.

PowerPegz on left. OEM on the right. The Powerpegz are substantially better built than the OEM's. It is apparent from just looking at them. Rather than stamped pieces welded together, the PP's are made of two pieces of stainless steel. One cast (the body). The other CNC machined (the mount). Then joined with a precision bushing. They should outlast the bike. At least me.

PowerPegz installed. They are adjustable, with 2 height settings. Just reverse the mounts to change from one to the other.

OEM peg height.

PowerPegz height is ~3/8 inch lower than OEM. It doesn't look like much, but it makes a huge difference in comfort standing or seated.

After about a year of hard use without any maintenance, they look and work just as well as when new. I thought that they would feel like bicycle peddles when I first saw them. I don't even notice them, until I get on one of my other bikes without them. After using them for the past 20k miles, I find them to be everything they said they would be. When standing, the bike just rotates under me as I attack the whoops, up hills, down hills, and rocky terrain. Shifting and rear braking is substantially improved in feel and ease, especially when standing. The pegs always maintain maximum contact with my boots. Never slip, no matter how wet or muddy. I can feel a definite difference in the amount of control I have with the bike, and the lower stress felt by my legs and knees.

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