My PIAA 912 Installation


Just finished installing a set of PIAA 912's on the crash bars. Made my own mounts using (4) 1" insulated clamps (NAPA ~$4) and 1"x1/8" steel flat bar (Home Depot ~$3 for 3'). I drilled the light hole off-center so I could fit a 17 mm socket on the nut without interference from the crash bar, then painted them black:

I also drilled the light hole inboard to move the lights more center:

This also allowed the light wires to clear the fuel tank:

Ditched the PIAA on/off switch and mounted a rocker switch on the dash:

Mounted the relay and in-line fuse between the frame and air cleaner box. If you choose this location, make sure the wiring does not interfere with the fuel tank---it rides on the frame:

Tapped into the high beam with a direct splice (red thing) so the PIAA's come on with the brights (White wire--PIAA, blue wire--high beam):

Shortened the wires exiting the rear of the lights with a clean butt-splice using solder and heat shrink. This will make for a quick D/C when taking off the crash bars for the next oil change:

Also took the opportunity to relocate the battery tender connection from the oil fill location to a location near the handlebar clamp. Also installed a Power-Let fitting into the tank bag ( This will be an easier location to reach when charging the battery:

Here is the finished product:

While I had the bike apart, I did my first oil change---Thanks for posting all the help in the OC!

I also relocated this thing---What is it??? I've been told it is a fuel drain in case you tip the bike over, which I've done a few times. Both times I had trouble starting the bike until I drained this line and then it fired right up. Is this location ok---Much easier to get to attached to crash bar:

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