My fully farkled 990



For the last few evenings I have been putting my old FJR stuff on my new KTM. I added my Bluesea power panel, Autocom, V1, Kenwood bike to bike radio, GPS, Sol-teks HID lights, XM radio and powered tank bag. It was a tight fitting everything in the glove box, but I feel it was the best place. Just waiting for my Tourtech alum. side cases to show up... Here's some picks... Smitty

I was asked to do a write up about the stuff I did to my bike. After the first outing with everything in the tank bag and plugged into the dash I had to do something. I really like music when I ride, it just makes riding more fun to me. I also ride with my big brother 90% of the time. That's where the two way GMRS/FRS radio is very handy. We don't yak back and forth all day, we use it to warn of stuff in the road, fuel stops etc. Here is how I did it....

After removing the right side fuel tank and lower cover I starter the wiring. I used 12 gauge wire from the battery connection (behind the plastic cover) to the Blue sea fuse panel. I fused it on the lower end with a 40 amp fuse. This way if there is ever a problem the supply wire will be dead one inch from where it hooks to the battery.

I ran the 12 gauge wire into a relay, and mounted it to the frame rail. This way it is only powered when the key is on. I used the extra assy wire under/near the right side of the headlight to trigger the relay.

Ones you have power to the Bluesea panel you can add the farkles of your choice. I mounted my Autocom, along with the noise filter for the GPS/V1 radar detector. The small black box is something you have to have to get audio out of the V1. What is nice about a Autocom is I have everything wired to it. GPS, V1, EM Radio, bike to bike, this way there is only one cable going to my helmet. The V1 has priority and mutes everything else if it goes off.

I welded a set of tabs on my crash guards for my super bright Fuegos HID lights. I used a relay and a SPDT switch. On the center lug on the SPDT switch goes the the trigger wire on the relay. On the top lug on the SPDT wires to a 12v on with the key( the one under the headlight works great).

The bottom lug you run a wire from it to the high beam (blue) at the headlight. When your done the center position is always off, flip it up.. lights are always on..flip the switch down the handlebar (OEM) switch will control the driving lights. What so great about this if a car is coming you only have to flip one switch to dim both sets of lights. If you look in between the speedo and tach you can see where I mounted the SPDT switch. I also used a rubber cover to make it waterproof.

Guys it is very important to take your time and do it the right way. I buy crimp type connectors and remove the plastic cover. I always slide a piece of heat shrink over the wire,crimp, then solder the connection. After it cools slide the shrink tubing over and heat it. Besides looking great, you did it the right way. Also fuse everything, you never want to wonder where the smoke/smell is coming from.

Also if I can help anyone with this please send me a PM and a phone #, be glad to help.


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