Stebel Horn Install


Here's my Stebel install

Can't remember if I ever posted it before, so here goes again...

Since the large carbon canister fit in the left "cheekpiece" I figured there was enough room in the right cheekpiece to fit the Stebel. Took a bit of creative fitting.

Split the horn

Modded it a bit to take a hose.

Fitted to the inner right cheekpiece molding. I used a combination of Industrial Strength Velcro, and 3M Dual-Lock, plus a few nylon cable ties to hold the hoses and wires in place. Been very rugged to far. I ended up removing some of the hose tie-downs to allow the hose to move a bit more for better fit.

Here's how it looks from the other side. I cut a hole for the horn to blare though. All fit's in very snug, but tidy.

It's well concealed up and under. Pardon the bugs...

Ran a new heavy duty circuit all the way from the battery up to the right "cheekpiece" with ah heavy-duty quick-disconnect, and a relay to use the regular horn circuit for control.

As for a relay, it is a MUST. The Stebel draws a lot of power (current) and if you try and route it through your normal horn button contacts, you will smoke them almost immediately, as well as the wire size on the OEM beeper horn is too small to power the Stebel air-compressor properly. A relay is a few bucks at a local auto-parts store, but there's also wiring the main power circuit to drive the horn.

With a heavy wire circuit, that puppy is LOUD!

Unfortunately, adding a heavy power user like a Stebel horn is not a trivial task. If you don't understand electrical/electronics, it's much better to get somebody who does to install at least the electrical part. I didn't find any suitable high current suitable 12V circuits in the 990 in the front fairing, so I ran a 12gauge dedicated fused circuit up from the bottom near the battery and through a relay. It really blasts that Stebel with authority. Even when I warn people when demonstrating, they still jump!

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