Finally Got My 990!


I have absolutely no regrets about getting one of these. I come from a dirt-only background, and can't beleive how good of a streetbike this dirt bike is....

My racing background meant that it immediately got stripped down, and the Loctiting, anti-siezing, and dieelectric greasing commenced. A pic or two of the early stages of prep and goodie installation:

Of course, while they come adequately equipped, while the bike was in shipment the wallet came out and eBay got abused. The list of goodies for it goes like this(many of which are the result of all the cumulative wisdom here on ADV rider):

BlackDog Adventure skid plate (badass!)(see above pic)

KTM HardParts low Gel seat

KTM HardParts rear luggage racks

Custom-fab extended rally footpegs(link to writup will be HERE soon):

16t front procket

D606 front tire(soon to be cut)

D908 rear tire(soon to be cut too)

Emig Racing 20mm offset tripleclamps/steering damper:

SW-Motech crashbars(will not work with BlackDog skidplate...yet!)

BULLETIN: there is a service bulletin out abotu the clutch spring bolts needing proper torque. It only applies to certain VIN's, so check with your local dealer.
Bernie's Cycle notified me of this so I took it upon myself to take it apart and Loctite/retorque them myself:

I've got 442 miles on it so far, and I'll be headed to Baja prerunning with it in less than two weeks. The breakin ride went AWESOME, it is everythign I need it to be and more that I haven't discovered.

I'm proud to be part of the Adventure sickness!

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