Auxillary Fuse Block Installation


I decided to install an auxiliary fuse block since running everything off the factory aux circuits is asking for trouble. I was using the AUX2 for my heated grips and GPS, but now I wanted to add a set of PIAA 510's and so it was time to make a move

I went with the Blue Sea System fuse block:

Item #5025 is a 6 circuit with negative bus, which is good because you don't have to run all your grounds to the battery.

First was the #12 AWG feeds from the battery:

Then I used the AUX2 to pick a heavy duty relay to switch the positive through a 30 A watertight fuseholder.

I ran all the wiring along the frame rails:

I drilled a hole through the storage compartment and ran all the wiring inside. Then began the hook-up (Looks bad now):

Getting a little better:

Almost finished:


And there is still room for the tool kit:

All that just to mount some lights:

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