Extreme Make-Over Flanny Edition



The bike rides amazingly well. The suspension, the seating, bar and peg position is perfect for me. Handling with the 17/19 combo in conjunction with the firmish suspension is stellar. The handling is probably great enhanced by the dramatic weight loss. I'm pretty sure I've taken at least 30lbs off the bike from stock with the exhaust, front brake, rear fender crap etc. The pipe take weight from higher on the bike, and the disks/calipers un-sprung weight.

The pipe sounds great, and I can't say there's any discernable flat spots or anything negative according to the butt dyno. I still have a bit more fiddling with the Jetting to do, but right now it pulls pretty clean right to the limiter. I've just got a bit of work to do on the pilot circuit.

Overall I'm really happy with the way it has turned out.

Surprise. Though is that it's not finished yet. I'm still working on a graphics scheme that I did not have time to finish before the reveal... I'll get to that in time!


Here are some photos for posterity...

And the Flannyvision Serial Episodes I - XIV of the project on YouTube...

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