Leo Vince Installation


Installation of a Leo Vince exhaust on an 07 KTM 990 Adventure.

After much perusing it was decided that the Leo was going to be the system of choice to install on the bike. The installation was pretty easy with minimal disassembly required for the job.

In order of take down:

Side panels removed. – 3 screws and 2 bolts

Rear grab handles and luggage rack. – 6 bolts

Inner rear fender. – 2 screws and 2 bolts

Exhaust mounting bolts.

Exhaust Flange bolts – connects the cans to the mid pipe

Mid pipe clamp bolts

Here the cans and inner fender are removed, next comes the mid pipe.

The pipe is removed from the throttle side of the bike, it just slips off of the headers and is routed through the frame.

Now in my case with these pipes I had to remove the gasket that is there from the factory, this can be a pain in the ass but it pulls off with enough patience and force.

Also in my case to install the new head pipe I had to remove two bolts for the sub frame so I could slide it back a couple of inches to install the new head pipe.

Be careful here since you don’t want to stress the wires etc that there.

This is what came out..

This is what’s going in..

Here you can see the new header pipe installed on the bike, note that you use the stock mounting points for this whole system just none of the hardware since the stock one has captured nuts. The directions are not that detailed but the diagram lets you figure it out pretty quick overall.

Right side is done

I like the additional details..

Left side is on…

Now that’s a nice looking rear end…



Weight savings of over 20lbs. Stock cans were over 11lbs each, the replacements were in the 5.5lb range. Not only did I get rid of the weight up high, I also got the bike to sound so much better. I am running the quiet inserts since it would be just too loud without them.

Chivani: I try to explain with some photos the solution to the problem with the leos aren't in the same line after assembly.
The left side have to assembly how the instructions says, but the right side are the problem.

This part have to turn the position up to down.
In the instructions, the position of the part are like this

But if change the position like this, you have a little more milimetres to put the right exahust more up.

And if in the assembly of the left exahust you push down the exahust while tighten screws, and in the right exahust push up while tighten screws, do the two sides are in the same line.

At the end after assembly the two exahust, only be carefully with the right screw that goes in there. I have a lot of patience to put that screw, because the clamp now is too near of the subchassis nut.

I hope that the explanation are good, my english are too poor, and i try to help in that case.

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