BMS Custom Saddle


The Lipizzan Stallion waits outside Bill "Rocky" Mayer's shop in Ojai, CA. during our "Ride in Appointment." The OEM "plank" is inside being prep 'd for Rocky's customization. Thumb nails to the left chronicle the transformation.

The first step is for Adrian to remove the cover of the OEM saddle.

Naked view of the OEM foam.

Rocky does his magic as he cuts the OEM foam to make a place for his foam insert.

After Rocky personally checks the placement of the insert for location and comfort, it is glued into place. I choose the medium density foam for my use. Rocky suggested the hard foam for my weight on a long distance touring bike, but felt that a medium foam would be better for vibration isolation on the big V-2.

Rocky does some final shaping before the saddle is placed on the bike for me to test ride on hwy 33, sans cover, before any final adjustments are made.

After the test ride, any adjustments are made, then reinforcing foam is added to Rocky's spec to define the Saddle's final shape and support. The final product is hand sanded for a smooth finish.

Once Rocky approves of the final foam finish, the cover is hand stitched and shaped to fit the custom foam. Finally, the cover is carefully stretched over the fully glued foam and stapled to the base.

The final product, a custom saddle hand fit and shaped by the Saddle Meister, is installed on the big Katoom. We are now ready for some BBG 3000's. Next stop Deadhorse, Alaska.

Rocky treated all of the clients and his employees to a lunch of homemade tamales.

The question is: can a seat be both comfortable for long distances and still work off road while standing and moving around?
I have done a large number of IBA certified rides and other long distance rides and rallies on this seat since having it made. It has proven itself by allowing me to ride 1500 mile plus days, day after day, after day without me suffering any discomfort of the posterior. Each day I am able to mount up without a thought to the previous days and miles. Something totally unheard of with the OEM seat.

Additionally, I have ridden thousands of off road miles with this saddle without a hindrance. Much of it over some very rugged and rough terrain. The shape and design of the saddle does not interfere with my movement on and around the bike standing or sitting whatsoever. I wouldn't motocross with this saddle, but it works perfectly for true Long distance Adventure riding. Which, after all, is what the bike was designed for. This is the trademark of a well thought out saddle. So, there is no need to endure a sore butt for the sake of off road capability. A custom saddle is the answer.

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