BLM Fuel Cell


This is the finished photo of the installed BLM fuel cell. I had Bill Macavan build it to my spec. I designed and built the frame with help from a friend of mine, Rhino, who is a certified welder and expert fabricator.

All aluminum fuel cell by Bill McAvan.
14W x 13D x 7T
~5 1/2 gallons + 5.8 gallons main = 11.3gallons onboard

Rhino and I built the mount and I plumbed the installation.

This photo was taken just before leaving on a cross country ride that included a BBG3000 (3000 miles in 48 hours). I used an electric fuel change over valve from a Landcruiser to switch between tanks. Main tank is on the non-energized port. Power for the solenoid is from the aux circuit (10 amp) behind the dash (same circuit as heated grips).

Aux is selected with lighted switch on dash above digital voltmeter.

Fuel range is now doubled to an easy 400+ miles under "normal conditions. The weight, less than 40 lbs when full, is centered over the pillion (passenger seat). The tank is fully baffled, and is not noticeable when underway. Another benefit that I hadn't thought of until recently is that the entire contents of the fuel cell is above the carbs. Therefore, in the case of a fuel pump failure, I can still run 200+ miles using gravity to feed the float bowls.

You can see the manual fuel shutoff valve (red handle) in this photo. The cell is plumbed with a quick connect. The whole cell and rack can be removed or replaced in less than 5 minutes. The advantage being, I can ride the long distances needed to get to remote areas for exploration, then remove the cell and explore the backcountry unencumbered.

The above photo was taken before leaving on a 2200 mile ride that included 950 miles of offroad. Much of that was rough 4X4 tracks and old wagon roads. For most of offroad ride, I left the fuel cell mounted. It was not a hinderance under those conditions.


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