Shorai Li Battery for 950/990


I didn't find many pictures of the new Shorai battery alternative for the LC8 in OC so I thought I'd post my install.

Shorai is a new company in the US. I met the President of Shorai USA, David Radford, at the Seattle Motorcycle Show this year. The batteries looked amazing, and so light I thought they were just demo cases with nothing in them, but David said no, they were the real thing.

Read up here:

I got one for my 2007 KTM 990S. The original lead acid battery was finally dying and I needed a new one. I wanted to try something new and these appeared just in time. I decided to give this new Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technolgy a try.

I chose the LFX18A1-BS12. It came in a box with a selection of sticky-one-side foam strips to help it fit the usually larger space the OEM battery took. You have to trim to whatever fit you want

Here is a physical comparison of the
OEM 8.6lb Lead/Acid v.s. 2.12lb Shorai (6.48lb difference)
weighed on my digital postage scale at home, not a lab test scale.




I trimmed a few foam pieces and installed in the sides of the rubber OEM battery base

Then installed the battery in the rubber base

and installed in the bike. Note the foam strip I used in the top lid of the battery box to help hold the little Shorai battery in place.

That's it. Quick and easy install.

I topped off the battery with a Shorai approved Battery Tender


Then came the test. WOW! It cranks the bike with serious authority easily as good or better than the OEM Yuasa lead/acid, even at 30F in my garage. Bike fired right up first crank. At real cold temps, the first cranking cycle may seem slow, but it heats the battery internally (a good thing) and 2nd crank cycle and after will be full force. I was impressed. Tried half a dozen starts after the first one and it spun the bike over quick every time!

Happy customer so far.

Now for the long term testing with my all year, all season commuting and trips, heated gear, etc...

BTW, I got mine at the first local biz to get them in the Seattle area, I was anxious They also offer an ADVrider discount.

Dealers listed here:
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