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These links to members' and other contributors' articles are meant to provide readers with enough information to successfully troubleshoot and diagnose problems with their Katooms in the field and in the garage. The intention is to provide enough knowledge to keep owners from being stranded in the bush or along the road. Though there is a great deal of information here, it is by no means a substitute for a trained technician. Nor will it provide the training to modify or repair some of the advanced circuits. Hopefully, you will take away enough to help you maintain your beloved bike's electrical systems in top condition so it doesn't fail you in the first place.

Electricity made simple parasitic draw
Electricity Made Simple
Parasitic Drain
wiring batteries
Charging System

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This site would not be possible without the yeoman's work of fellow Katoom riders, dealers, mechanics, and engineers. Thank you to all who have contributed. I will update this list periodically. If you have some other "Wisdom" that you would like to be added to the HOW, please e-mail them to me at:

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DISCLAIMER: All observations made in these pages are based solely on the anecdotal experiences of their authors. The contributions are reprinted here exactly as posted by the contributors. The spelling, syntax, grammar, etc have purposely not been corrected in order to retain its original flavor. The contributors are from throughout the World, and English may very well not be their native language. Don't be an ass and complain about the lexicon. YMMV, of course. You are "on your own", and I take no responsibility if someone tries anything in this website and gets into trouble with the law, their dealer, significant other, or the manufacturer. Or damages their person or property, or goes deaf, dumb, or blind. If you are not competent and comfortable with the inner workings of internal combustion engines, do the wise thing and defer to an experienced mechanic. Take everything you read or hear "anywhere" butt especially on the Web with a large dose of salt.